Fly With Me
This world is but a canvas to our imagination. - Henry David Thoreau Oh how wonderful it must be to simply forget gravity and just fly... .
About Me

The bold stuff is what is important.

My life consist of ethnic dishes, eclectic music, extensive sleep, everlasting happiness, extravagant emotions, enough homework, evening strolls, envious dogs, evil everything, eccentric relatives, especially me, exemplary weather ,and everything else. (SO MANY Es)

I’ve compiled a rap for this part of le program enjoy reading it :D

The name’s Imani

No I hate salami

I’m sixteen

Livin’ the dream

Jamaica be

My home country

Florida is 

My new biz

I love yellow

But green's pretty mellow

I joined May Twenty Five

My tumblr’s stayin’ alive

This rap is dead

Off with my head

Haha I can’t rap at all but it was fun making a bunch of couplets :D 

I also really love Dutch. I think it’s the most beautiful language ever. If you speak Dutch hmu, jk.

I love God. I don’t need to say more.

I play the sims way too often but I’m still missing Bon Voyage and a stuff pack -_-

I will follow you, if your blog has no/little porn, is like mine, or if you talk to me :D

I’ll do a promo if I follow you so send me an ask for me to check out your blog :D

#7a989d i miss the old colour of my tumblr :(